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The Vision

We envision a world where play, curiosity, and creativity are not only valued but celebrated as essential components of human expression and development. In this world, individuals are encouraged to explore, innovate, and express themselves freely, fostering a culture of joy, discovery, and limitless possibilities.


The Mission

Our mission is to offer engaging opportunities for children and their parents, recognizing that self-expression is crucial for personal growth, emotional well-being, and meaningful connections. Through playful experiences, we aim to strengthen family bonds, deepen understanding of self-expression, and nurture authenticity.


Our Purpose

Empowering children to unleash the magic within them

Meet our Founder 

I'm Claire Gillespie, founder of Oglee Poglee and I help children play with cardboard.  The simplest and most wonderful of materials, cardboard has been my go-to medium for self-expression since I was a tiny tot.  A cardboard box was always my favourite toy, a blank canvas for a big imagination.  

When I was little it was just me, my ideas and a pile of cardboard but now having worked with 100's of children I realise it was always so much more.  It's where I cultivated a long life love of learning and it's where I started to discover my sense of self. Those creative endeavours mattered and enriched my life.  

So now I get to give that gift to other children. The gift of space, time and resources but also the gift of listening, of enthusiasm and of understanding. I get to listen to big ideas and guide inventors past a frustrating moment. I get to offer a new perspective and help families reconnect. I get to witness that precious moment where a spark of an idea is ignited and a child's eyes light up. I get to see curiosity and creativity at it's best. Now that has to be the best job in the world!  

You can reach me by email here  

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