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The Tale of the Cardboard Monster: Unleashing Imagination in the Cardboard Shed

In the heart of the Cardboard Shed, where creativity knows no bounds and imaginations run wild, a curious tale was born. It all started with a simple question about the mysterious hatch in the ceiling.

"What's up there?"

I'd been asked this question on many occasions, and I knew it always sparked a wave of excitement among the children.

I replied as I always did, with honesty, stating that, "I'd never been brave enough to look."

But this week, a little boy changed everything. He shared his theory about who lived in the attic—a cardboard monster. According to him, we were lucky he stayed in the attic; otherwise, he would eat all the cardboard in the shed.

This is the genius of children. Their innate ability to weave tales of magic and mystery reminds us of the power of imagination. As adults, our role is to nurture and encourage this creativity, to fan the flames of curiosity that fuel their imaginative flights. We do that by asking curious, open-ended questions.

Any of these examples would be enough to fuel the imagination:

➡️ What does the cardboard monster look like?

➡️ Is he a friendly monster?

➡️ How did he get in the attic?

➡️ Does he like living in the attic?

➡️ Will he eat all my cardboard?

➡️ Do you think I should introduce myself?

With each answer, the story of the cardboard monster unfolded. As the conversation continued, the children took us on a journey to fantastical realms, where cardboard creatures roamed and adventures awaited. And so, the cardboard monster came to life.

It's been great having a resident monster. I must admit, at first, I was skeptical. Sharing your creative space is not always easy, but we have found a rhythm that works for us. Since the monster appeared, other children have been introduced to him, and their kindness towards him shows through the cardboard inventions they create. The cardboard monster now has two cardboard collecting boxes and his own sign.

So, the next time you find yourself in the presence of a cardboard box, a mysterious hatch or a new object, let imagination take flight. Can you join your child on an adventure by getting curious yourself? It really is as simple as asking a curious question and being open to any possible answer.

Who knows what wonders await when you dare to embrace the magic of childhood imagination?

If you would like to meet the cardboard monster book your family a visit to the Cardboard Shed. He loves visitors, especially if they feed him cardboard.

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